Valentine’s Day is looming closer by the day and we wanted to give you a fun DIY craft to add some wall art to your classroom, home, work space, and more!


  1. Square canvas (we recommend a 10 inch canvas or a 6 inch canvas, or both!)
  2. Pre-made flowers. You can find some at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or your local craft store. If you’re feeling extra-crafty, you can make your own, follow this tutorial:
  3. 2 Squares of scrapbook paper (9.5 square for the 10 inch canvas 0r 5 inches square for the 6 inch canvas)
  4. Glue dots
  5. Print out some heart templates


1. Cut out a square of scrapbook paper

2. Use the heart template to trace its shape on the scrapbook paper OR you can print off the heart template and then staple it on top of one of the scrapbook paper squares.

4. Glue the scrapbook paper to the canvas. We suggest using Mod Podge or if you have a Xyron sticker machine, you can run the scrapbook paper through it and it will attach to the canvas that way.

5. Start attaching the paper flowers using glue dots in the shape of the heart onto your canvas.

6. Lastly, hang up your new wall art!