We can’t help it! We’re just so excited at the prospect of cooler weather, aren’t you!?! To kick off this season we’re going straight to the bar cart and mixing up an Apple Pie Martini. This martini has a garnished rim that is similar to our Autumn Sangria. We’re not professional bartenders, so we like to keep the mixology simple and amp up our party game in the garnishing department. It makes for a great tasting cocktail and makes us look like a super fancy party host!

Apple Pie Martini Recipe



Vanilla Vodka

Ginger Schnapps

Apple Juice


Vanilla Syrup

Graham cracker crumbs and apple slices for garnishing.


Start by pre-garnishing rims with graham crust rim by dipping rim of glassware in water and then dipping in a graham cracker crust mixture, set glasses aside.

In a shaker add 2 oz vanilla vodka, 2 oz apple juice, 1 oz ginger schnapps, 1 oz simple syrup and a gentle shake of cinnamon. Shake vigorously until completely chilled. Strain into two glasses and garnish with apple slices.