Balloon Fringe DIY

If you’re like me, there is always a reason to make a little fringe! Since we’re on the Halloween bandwagon right now, I thought we’d make some fringe that was Halloween appropriate. This fringe is actually make from roll so of gauze – seriously. Isn’t it gorgeous? Originally I wanted to make it look are gnarly & grotesque, but that just isn’t my style. I don’t like scary stuff. So, this garland is nice and white. The gauze is extremely light, making it the perfect companion for smaller balloons. I used a 17 inch balloon for these photos and probably could have gone with a standard 9 inch oval one.

Balloon Fringe DIY

Step 1: Gather supplies: Gauze roll & Scissors

Step 2: Unroll gauze

Step 3: Fold gauze into flat folds

Step 4: Make cuts onto folded gauze creating fringe.

Step 5 : Unfold ( say oooh, ahhhh, pretty! )

Step 6: Tie to neck of inflated balloon.