Are you late to the Christmas Card game, but you still want to send something fun and festive before the holiday!?! Well, you are in luck. We’ve got a fun, confetti filled Christmas Card tutorial that will have your friends gushing over the festiveness in their mailbox!!! You don’t need too many supplies, just our custom confetti, white card stock and vellum. Follow our steps below to make a few of your own!

Confetti Filled Christmas Cards


White card-stock

Vellum card-stock

Custom confetti

Glue Stick

Paper Trimmer

Scoring tool



Step 1: Trim card-stock down to a 10 x 7 piece

Step 2: Score the card-stock down the middle, hamburger style

Step 3: Sprinkle confetti on inner fold of vellum

Step 4: Place small strip of glue on outer side of white card stock, adhere to vellum

Step 5: Write a sweet message and mail off to your friends!

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