Striped Party Coasters

Party responsibly and have ample coasters on hand.

You know how it is when the guys come over to watch the big game,  any and every ledge is a place to set a beer down so the cheering can commence. That practice is totally cool as long as there is a coaster under that beer, right!?! These coasters are inspired by the stripes you see referees donning, which actually is a great pattern to keep year ’round. If you aren’t hosting at your home, make these as a hostess gift for the honorary hostess. She’ll be super thankful, trust!

Striped Party Coasters


3 x 3 craft wood squares, white & black paint, mod podge and cork with adhesive.


Step 1: Paint the squares with white paint, allow time to dry.

Step 2: Using painters tape, cover sections of the squares to creates stripes.

Step 3: Using black paint, paint over tape and allow time to dry.

Step 4: Cover with glossy style mod podge allow time to dry and repeat several times to create a solid seal.

Step 5: Trace shape onto cork.

Step 6: Remove adhesive backing from cork and adhere to backside of wood squares.



Striped Party Coasters

Striped Party Coasters


Striped Party Coasters