Just when you thought there weren’t any more ways to use our confetti! Ha! Today we’re showing you how to take your favorite color confetti ( maybe custom confetti ) and transform them into party coasters. We’ve made a few coasters in the past, like these striped & watercolor ones; but these confetti coasters are our favorite! The process is simple and the impact these will make on your tables is clutch.

DIY Confetti Coasters


3 inch round wood circles

Cork Roll with adhesive


Mod Podge

Scissors & pen


Step 1: Trace and Trim adhesive cork

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of mod lodge to wood round

Step 3: Scatter confetti and press onto mod podge

Step 4: Apply 1 coat of mod lodge on top of confetti and allow to dry for 2 hours. Apply 1-2 more coats until coasters are sealed well.

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