DIY Olympic Ring Ice Cubes

Can you tell that we’re excited for the Olympics to start already? After playing around with ice cubes here – I knew they’d come up again! This time we carefully selected a pan so that these ice cubes look just like the olympic rings. If you’re sending out the Olympic ring invitation, you’ve got to keep the them going all the way down to the bevvys!

Using food coloring add a few drops to separate jars of water until your desired color is achieved. Next, fill each donut cavern with the colored water & freeze. Make dozens of these in advance and just store them in your freezer. Make sure to keep like colors together so there isn’t any color bleeding!




DIY Olympic Ring Ice Cubes

Serve any beverage that is clear in color. You can serve regular ‘ol lemon lime soda or if you’re feeling fancy, try one of these clear cocktials that we’ve posted before. London Mule Moscow MuleCucumber MojitoLow Calorie Sptrizer.


DIY Olympic Ring Ice Cubes