Listen closely; never underestimate the power of your market $5 floral bundle. Seriously. I think that carnations often get a bad wrap, but these miniature carnations shine with the most vibrant hues and were begging to be arranged in a rose gold vessel.

TIP: place scotch tape in a checkerboard pattern over any wide mouth vessels for easy arranging. This keeps your flowers upright and assists you in creating an almost perfectly arranged floral centerpiece.


Wide mouth vessel, scotch tape, scissors, florals from your local market and foraged greenery ( we used crepe myrtle leaves )


  1. Using your scotch tape create a checkerboard pattern across the mouth of your vessel.
  2. Arrange florals starting with the largest bloom at the center and slightly taller than the rest.
  3. Begin filling in with medium sized blooms, gradually working your way to the lip of your vessel with the smallest blooms and buds.
  4. Use complimenting greenery to fill in.
  5. Place on your dining table and host a dinner party!

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