There are few things I’m crazy about, serving trays happen to be one of them. Serving trays are so versatile – an entertaining must have! This DIY serving tray is easy and fun! It’s so simple you could probably hand this one over to your kids.

I picked up this serving tray from Joann’s because it was on clearance ( $7 bucks ) and it was round. My serving tray collection consists of just square and rectangular shaped serving trays, so I knew this circular one would be the missing piece! Need something to serve on this DIY tray? Try one of our Happy Hour cocktail recipes!

DIY Serving Tray


Step 1: Tape off tray so that you are only painting the flat interior portion. * Please excuse the frequently used drop cloth, it’s seen its fair share of days!


Step 2: Squeeze lines of paint across the tray, be generous. The more paint the better.

marblesintray Step 3: Drop marbles in tray. Tilt tray back and forth so that paint marbles in tray.


Step 4: Remove marbles and let dry. Finish with a clear protective coat.