Easiest Pom DIY

Easiest Pom Pom DIYEasiest Pom Pom DIY

Supplies you’ll need:

– 10 Sheets of tissue paper- preferably 20×26 inches

– Scissors

– 10 inch piece of floral wire

– Needle Nose pliers

*instructions for Large Pom

Pom Pom DIY supplies

 Set stack of tissue paper facing away from you lengthwise

Pom Pom DIY step 2

Begin folding stack of paper accordion style.

Pom Pom step 3

Each fold should be about 1 inch

Pom Pom DIY step 4

Press firmly along each fold

Pom Pom DIY step 5

Continue the accordion folding for the entire length

Pom Pom DIY step 6

Pom Pom DIY step 6

Pom Pom DIY step 7

Pom Pom DIY step 7

Pom Pom DIY step 8

Once accordion folding is complete, hold the stack of paper taught at the center

Pom Pom DIY step 9

Using the floral wire, tie the stack together as tightly as you can.

Pom Pom DIY step 10

Pom Pom DIY Step 11

Use needle nose pliers to finish the the tie, alleviating any sharp edges

Pom Pom DIY step 12

Cut each end to desired shape.  Round, pointed etc.

Pom Pom DIY step 13

Begin fluffing each layer of tissue

Pom Pom DIY step 15

Pull layers up and toward the center, where the floral wire was tied

Pom DIY 16

Continue fluffing layers of tissue

Pom DIY 17

Pom DIY 18

Pom DIY step 19

Once half of the paper has been fluffed, flip the pom over so the fluffed side is gently resting on a flat surface.

Pom DIY step 20

Again, bring each layer of tissue up and toward the center

Pom DIY step 21

Once all layers have been fluffed, you are ready to hang your pom.

Pom DIY step 22

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Stay tuned as I’ll be adding a sizing chart to help with making Large, Medium and Small sized poms.