Feather Embellished Spooky Florals - DIY


Whether you’re ready or not, Halloween is on it’s way! I’ve chatted about this before, but I’m not really into spooky types of decor for the home or parties. I prefer classier spins on the typical stuff. So, today I’m paying a little homage to The Birds with this feather embellished floral arrangement. This would be great for a dinner party,  an at home happy hour or simply your entry table!

Feather Embellished Spooky Florals – DIY


Glass Vase, Black Lace, Florals, Bamboo Skewers and Feathers


Step 1: Using coordinating wash tape adhere feathers to bamboo skewers.

Step 2: Wrap vase with black lace, twisting it once in a while to add texture.

Step 3: Arrange florals as normal and insert feather embellished bamboo skewers.