Monday was Presidents Day, Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year; I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many holidays in a single week, ever! Nonetheless, we certainly get behind weeknight parties! Since we’re going all out this week, why not just go ahead and make some decorations for tomorrow’s holiday. These are crafted using traditional Chinese New Year colors, but any color card stock will do!

Fringe Lantern Tutorial


1 Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit

Card Stock


Washi Tape



Step 1: Fold card-stock in hot dog fashion

Step : Cut slits along the fold about 1 inch in width leaving about 2 inches at the top of the fold

Step 3: Unfold car stock and roll hamburger fashion and secure ends with tape.

Step 4: Using a awl or needle punch holes and thread twine through holes for hanging, add a tassel or two and repeat the process until you’ve created several lanterns.

PaperLanternSupplies PaperLanternStep1 PaperLanternStep2 PaperLanternStep3 PaperLanternStep4 PaperLanternStep5 PaperLanternBunchClose PaperLanternBunch