When it comes to last minute parties, sending out invites via Facebook is incredibly convenient. I know there are lots of ways to virtually invite guests to a party, but if most of your friends are active on the social network it really makes invitations a cinch. Now, I’m not suggesting that a Facebook event take the place of traditional snail mail invitations and I’d never replace a formal invitation with one on a social network. So when it comes to things like bridal showers, house warmings and anniversaries — we’ll still send a good ‘ol fashioned paper invitation.

But! If you’ve decided last minute to host a Halloween party this year, and plan on sending out invites vie Facebook you’re in luck! We’ve designed 3 super cute event covers that you can download and use for your parties. They are already formatted to size, making your invites just that much easier. Simply click on the design you like, download the file and then upload it to your Facebook event.

Happy Partying, gals!