So, last week Sarah (our super fab contributor) debuted her you tube channel and I was totally inspired to launch one myself! My video isn’t nearly as professional as hers, but I think I’m addicted to videos. This might just become a Friday thing! Something I learned while doing this video was that I LOVE video. My favorite part was post production, picking out a silly little jingle and piecing the important parts of video together. I’m by no means good at this, but it is something I’d like to keep doing. I’m hoping you all enjoy this enough to come back when I post more tutorials.

Did anyone catch my pup Joni in the background? We kicked her out in the backyard while we filmed, but she still managed to make her you tube debut too!

The Sour Cherry Rickey Shopping List


Club Soda

Sweetened Lime Juice


Freshly Chopped Cherries

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