Last week I showcased a how to make a swizzle stick DIY utilizing a craft punch and glitter tape. Well this week I’m showing you a spin off from that little ditty. These drink stirrer sticks can be used for any holiday or theme because the shape is so generic. There is a fabulous tutorial where you can break out your vials of glitter if you are so inclined. I personally prefer this method, because it is quicker and doesn’t make quite the mess that glitter normally yields. Make sure to check out these other fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas.


How to make a Swizzle Stick


Glitter Tape

Mini round craft punch

Bamboo Skewers


Step 1:

Punch glitter tape rounds using craft punch.


Step : 2

Remove protective backing and adhere one glitter round to bamboo skewer.


Step 3:

Remove backing from second round and adhere to opposite side of bamboo skewer. Firmly pressing both pieces of tape together.