We often get asked what your party ‘secrets’ are and I hate to tell you it isn’t an expensive bottle of wine, or a cleaning lady ( although a cleaning lady is clutch! ). It’s a really great playlist; you know the kind that makes everyone’s head bob and sometimes results in a little dance party. So, gals. If you’re planning a spring brunch and you don’t have time to curate your own tunes, just play ours! After all that’s what this darn blog is for, to offer a little bit of party support. Hosting a party without a good playlist is pure tragedy; so don’t commit this crime. Okay!

This playlist has a few of our favorites from the end of 2014 and lots of new stuff. So, if you want to get ahead of the music game for the summer — subscribe to this on Spotify! Happy Partying.

Let’s Party Outside – A Playlist