Valentine’s Day is often filled with lots of red, pink & glittery things ( which I LOVE ) but not everyone does. We wanted to create love inspired projects that weren’t too frilly, after all Valentine’s Day is about sharing quality time with those you love – spouses, friends and even family and a Je t’aime inspired gathering seemed like the perfect idea!

French culture is known for being romantic, but there is nothing frilly about it. It’s passionate, indulgent and earthy. The only pink you’ll find in France is in the wine – particularly the rosé. Share a nice bottle of sparkling rosé with your closest loves & make these je t’aime drink sticks to dress up your display. We used our silhouette to cut out these letters, but you could use pre-cut letters or print and hand cut them yourself.

Je T’aime Drink Sticks


Pre cut letters, Hot Glue and bamboo skewers


Step 1: Cut out letters & begin hot gluing the words along the bamboo skewer on the blunt end.

Step 2: Place in stemware and enjoy!