Have you seen all of the miniature balloons we’ve been adding to the shop? It started with classics like Bright, Poolside and Golden. Now we’ve added a collection of miniature heart balloons just in time for Valentine’s Day! There are lots of things you can do with our mini balloons, but today I’m showing you how to turn them into the cutest conversation hearts. ps If you’re following us in Instagram, them you’ve already seen a sneak peek of these!

How to make miniature conversation heart balloons


1 Package of TFE Miniature Heart Balloons

Red Sharpie Marker & letter stencil ( if you’re hand writing is anything like mine, this will come in super handy! ).

Balloon hand pump


Inflate miniature balloons

Using your red sharpie & letter stencil, create fun conversation heart sayings. Some of our favorites are:

Call Me

Let’s Make Out

Text Me

Snap Chat Me

Real Love

Love You

Wink Wink

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