This week is literally flying before my eyes. I’ve been wrapped up in a ton of administrative duties (working on getting our new contributors set up and ready to spread DIY goodness). I also hosted the first ever Blog Fete SEO webinar and it was such a success. I can’t wait to see these fabulous blogs grow. Most importantly I’ve been working on fabulous ways to celebrate this weekend’s award ceremony. The Oscars!  This little Paper Popcorn Bag is going to make you squeal over the cuteness and simplicity. I was trying to conjur up a way to get that infamous gold envelope on the front of a paper sack and I just couldn’t find an envelope small enough. Then, I had that DUH moment. Make the paper bag THE envelope.



Paper Popcorn Bags – Oscars Edition


Brown Paper Lunch Sacks

Red Decorative Tape

Scalloped Hole Punch

Glue Stick


Step 1: Trim 2 inches off top of bag


Step 2: Starting down the side seam of the bag, cut and remove 3.5 inches of the back half of paper sack. popcornbag3


You’ll end up with the top half of the paper sack removed. popcornbag5

Side view of paper sack after cutting. popcornbag6

Step: 3 Begin folding the corners in, to form the flap of the envelope. popcornbag7

Step 4: Glue folded edges down, securing the folds to create a solid flap. popcornbag8

Step 5: Using your scalloped hole punch, punch a red round. popcornbag9

Step 6: Using the decorative tape, create the ribbon strips approximately 1 inch below the folded flap. popcornbag10



Step 7: Glue the scallop round to the back barely covering the decorative tape. * be sure to only place glue on the bottom half of the scalloped round. The Envelop flap will be secured in place by tucking under the top of the scalloped round. popcornbag11