I picked up this rose gold wire a few months ago knowing I’d think of something fancy to make with it. I finally settled on making heart swizzle sticks! The wire is very soft, which made it difficult for me to form shapes via a freehand style. After searching my home for something I could use as a mold, I found cookie cutters! Cookie cutters are available in all shapes making them the perfect tool for forming wire. ( I’ve got another little project later this month for your 4th of July parties using this technique ). This floral wire is available at any craft supply store and comes in just about every color imaginable making this the ideal medium for this craft.


Heart Swizzle Sticks

Step 1: Wrap wire around cookie cutter, pressing wire in any corners.

heart-swizzle-sticks Step 2: Wrap wire around bamboo skewer

heart-swizzle-sticks Step 3 Trim excess wire




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