It’s almost New Year’s Eve ( one of our favorite excuses to host a party ) so we thought we’d show you how to dress up a tassel garland with metallic tape! Yep, this result is so so easy. Follow the steps below to craft your own sparkly tassel garland.

DIY Gilded Tassel Garland


Tassel Garland Kit


Metallic Tape



Step 1 : Using your Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit™ roll fringe piece so that there is fringe on both sides and a solid portion at the center.

Step 2 : Fold the fringe pice in half, keeping you index finger under the fold ( this ensures there is a loop for you twine ).

Step 3:  Trim a pice of tape and wrap the tape around the folded tassel keeping you index finger in the loop.

Step 4: Repeat this process for each tassel and then hang the garland on the twine.

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