The question we get asked most often

The question we get asked most often is; Do you offer custom colors? And of course we do! We’ve talked about our custom colors on the blog before, but we wanted to revisit this question and share a little peek into our studio & the tassel garland kit making process.

We know how important it is to be able to match up your party decor perfectly, so we’ve offered the customizable tassel garland kits since we re-launched the website last year. As time has moved along, we’ve added customizable confetti and we’re still working on getting customizable confetti balloons up for you too. Selecting custom colors is easy as long as you’re utilizing our custom preview tool ( hint: it works best on a larger format device. So you’re phone won’t work too well ). As always send us an email if you run into any questions along the way and don’t forget to press play below!