We can all agree that snail mail is the best, nothing brightens your day than a little something in the mail from a friend. A simple envelope embellishment, like this floral liner can really make a simple letter feel extra special. We’ve teamed up with Hazel & Ruby to bring this DIY to you!

Hazel & Ruby gifted some of their products, but all of the ideas, photographs and text are original to The Flair Exchange.

DIY Envelope Liner With Hazel & Ruby


White envelopes, Hazel & Ruby gift wrap, pencil, scissors and a glue stick


Step 1: Trace envelope onto the back side of gift wrap and trim to fit inside the envelope.

Step 2: Place glue on reverse side of paper and adhered to the inside of the envelope.

Step 3: Fill envelope with somethings special for your girlfriend ( ps Hazel & Ruby offer these really cute photo sleeves )









Hazel & Ruby wanted us to create this festive DIY for you because they are excited to finally launch their products in Michaels stores. How awesome is that! Here’s a little note from Hazel & Ruby and lots of other fun projects from their favorite bloggers.