Patriotic Swizzle Sticks

A good swizzle stick will do wonders for your parties, bar carts and beverage set ups. You can grab those glittery plastic ones from the grocer in a pinch, but custom coordinated swizzle sticks are much more fun!

There’s one rule we abide by when it comes to party crafts: They must be easy and fast. You know the crazy of stetting up before guests arrive, your hair is halfway done and you’re still barefoot like seconds before guests are due to arrive. Well adding complicated DIYs to the mix just doesn’t work!  There’s lots of gorgeous inspiration on Pinterest, but most of the time those DIYs are just unrealistic. Luckily,  these red, kraft & blue swizzle sticks require just a few seconds to make and you’ll only need 2 items from the craft store to make them. In fact, you could hand this task over to the friend who always shows up to the party half an hour early ( I know you’ve got friends like that too! ).

Patriotic Swizzle Sticks


Bamboo Skewers, Pipe Cleaners.


Step 1 – Cut pipe cleaners in to 4 inch pieces

Step 2 – Wrap pipe cleaner around the blunt end of your bamboo skewer

Step 3 – Pull the pipe cleaner over the blunt end so that about half an inch extends out from the skewer.






Patriotic Swizzle Sticks