How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year!?! If you’re a last minute gal ( and let’s face it you are! ), then you’ll want to listen real close! We’ve partnered with our friends at Cold Stone Creamery to bring you this party perfect DIY. Cold Stone Creamery does a really great job of designing cakes for each holiday and the Tall Dark & Delicious cake is no exception.

Father’s Day Cake Topper Tutorial


Printed cake topper on colored card stock or construction paper



Dessert Sticks or BBQ Skewers



Step 1 – Print topper file on to colored yardstick or construction paper

Step 2 – cut out pieces

Step 3 – tape cut outs on to dessert sticks or BBQ skewers

Step 4 – Arrange on Tall Dark & Delicious Ice Cream Cake

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