Brunch Place Setting DIY

I absolutely adore Sunday Brunch with friends. And just as much as I love to dine out for a long and social meal, I enjoy brunching it up at home, as well. I love adding small touches to any shindig we host at home, and thought this easy to create place setting was casual enough to let guests know where to sit, without feeling like a formal event.


SummerBrunch Place Setting DIY


Tags of your choice, toothpicks, and adhesive (I used Krazy Glue because it dries fast)


Step 1: Dab adhesive to toothpick

Step 2: Attach toothpick to the back of tag

Step 3: Allow glue to dry.

Step 4: Add your guest’s name.

Pin your place setting to a tasty fruit bowl like we did, or any dish you choose. I bet a mini quiche would look tasty, and festive with this place setting attached!

Brunch Place Setting DIY

Brunch Place Setting DIY


Brunch Place Setting DIY