3 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Valentine’s Day


As someone who adores ‘styling’ I’m always too in love with everything and end up with a hodge-podge look when it comes to my home decor. Each room seems to have a little bit of a different style & I often stray away from adding items, in fear of things feeling incredibly cluttered. However, I have realized that too little decor makes things feel sterile and unwelcoming.

I’ve been incorporating some of tips I’ve learned ( more on those next week ) & making my living room way more comfy! It was especially important to add a piece of Valentine’s Day decor knowing we’d be having friends over to sample wines. I didn’t want to go crazy and purchase unnecessary items, so I grabbed this fringe canvas out of my office and created the perfect little montage of fringe and flowers.




3 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Valentine’s Day

  • Use pieces of decor you already own – I found a fringe heart canvas in my office & moved it to the living space. It doesn’t even need to be so blatantly valentine’s. Think about the items you own that are shades of pinks, reds & mauves. Is there a special item that you and your loved one hold near and dear? Use that!


  • Make drinks readily available – set out a pitcher of water or a bottle of wine on your coffee table, ottoman or end table. Have glasses on hand too. This prevents guests from searching for beverages & lets you relax and chat.


  • Display pieces of decor that act as conversation starters – this is especially important if you have guests attending whom don’t know each other. Display interesting items or intriguing books that encourage new conversations to start. Your guests will thank you!





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