The Flair Exchange offers handmade tissue paper party supplies and boutique printed balloons in sophisticated colorways and prints. We're the perfect party source when big box party stores, mass-produced party supplies and generic themes just won't do! 


The Flair Exchange studio is located in central Indiana, about an hour north of Indianapolis. We don't have a retail storefront but we're happy to visit with you by appointment if you'd like to browse our products or pick out custom color items in person - just contact us

Visit our online shop here, and we also have an Etsy store as well. We have a full list of retailers that offer our products both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, check it out here

Environment & Sustainability 

At The Flair Exchange, we're committed to eco-conscious manufacturing processes and sourcing products and packaging that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our tissue paper products such as the Tissue Tassel Garland Kits and Handcut Confetti are made with 100% recycled tissue paper and are completely compostable and biodegradable. Additionally, all components of the packaging and assembly kits are either recyclable or compostable. Starting in Fall 2019, we will be offering even more eco-friendly packaging for our confetti - instead of clear plastic boxes, you can opt for more environmentally friendly, recycled kraft paper window boxes at no additional charge! 

Our boutique balloons are 100% natural latex - not plastic. You may be surprised to know that natural latex is compostable, biodegradable, and in some places can be recycled as well! For the safety of our wildlife and livestock friends, however, please do not release balloons - popped balloons and ribbon tails can injure or kill animals. Always discard used balloons safely, away from children or animals. 

Starting in Fall 2019 we will be making the switch from poly shipping envelopes to kraft envelopes made with recycled paper padding. Additionally, we use tissue paper scraps from our production processes as box fill when neccessary instead of Styrofoam peanuts or plastic air-filled padding.  We hope these small changes will inspire you to be more eco-conscious as well! 


The Flair Exchange has teamed up with StepUp, a program that empowers young women to reach their highest potential. During our #girlbossflair campaign, 10% of sales of the Rainbow kits and confetti will be donated to this worthy cause! By purchasing these items, you're helping to coach and provide tools needed for young women to make money by owning their own business, as well a building character and teaching life skills along the way.