4 Digital Invitation Websites You’ll LOVE!

4digitalinvitationwebsitesyou'llloveA few months back while we were at the National Stationery Show, we had a brief conversation about with a retailer about how they felt like no one actually sent out party invitations anymore! While I don’t totally agree with them, it definitely got us thinking about how we invite our friends to parties. And, if it’s a pretty informal gathering; my default  go-to is a Facebook event. It’s just so incredibly convenient; but it doesn’t really do much for setting the mood and getting guests excited. I mean it’s Facebook!

We did a little bit of research and found 4 FREE really awesome resources for creating digital invites for your gatherings. Some of the platforms offer upgraded services; but they all have some free options. These are great for impromptu parties, or ones you’ve planned out over a long period of time. I would definitely use these for annual Christmas parties, bachelorette parties and dinner parties.


Pingg – Basic Designs are FREE!


Paperless Post – Some designs are FREE!


Evite – Some designs are FREE!


Punchbowl – Some designs are FREE!



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