4 Tricks for Hosting a Friendly Halloween Bash

Halloween Bash

As Halloween creeps up on use I’m getting more excited for a little shindig.

We don’t normally host a Halloween party, especially when it lands itself on a weekday ( what a buzz kill ). We do however pass out candy, make a little adult beverage & enjoy the costume browsing. Even though we don’t host a Halloween party, it doesn’t mean you don’t. If you’re looking to host a friendly Halloween bash, we’ve got you covered.

Start my making these monster inspired balloons – they’re so easy. You’ll just need a sharpie & inflated balloons. This project is something your kiddos could help with too. I mentioned the adult beverages – but I know not everyone enjoys a libation, so try making these colored ice cubes instead of a color coordinated cocktail. If you choose to have a costume contest pass out these cutie awards for the winners to don all evening long.

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