A Simple And Fun Photo-booth Project – Plus It’s A Video!

Not going to lie, we went a little lax on this post because videos take so much time and energy to make. So, you won’t find any pictures, just a snazzy video outlining how to make this fun and festive fringe photo-booth backdrop. It’s incredibly simple and you can make a 7′ x 7′ backdrop if you use all of the tissue paper in one of our kits. We’ve got to say thanks to our special guest appearances in this feature – ( if you’re ever around on a weekend while we’re working on a project, you might just end up in one of our videos! This includes husbands and guy friends over for a hockey game ).

Fun Photo-booth Project


1 Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit, Scissors, Double sided tape and really good times.



Step 1: Remove tissue tassels from kit & cut fringe on the fold, so that you have single sheets of fringe.

Step 2: Using a measuring tape make marks 7 feet from the ground ( using something like chalk, so you don’t damage your nicely painted walls ). *optional you can place a piece of painters / washi tape along the marks to use as a guide making sure your fringe stays even thus preventing you from creating a lopsided backdrop.

Step 3: Using double sided tape adhere rows of fringe until you’ve achieved your desired backdrop patter.


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