A Simple Brunch Set Up For Mother’s Day

Brunch Set Up For Mother's Day

If you’re planning something fancy for Mother’s Day ( even if you’re using it as an excuse to just have an at home mimosa bar ) we wanted to provide you with a little inspiration. The simplest touches can make your brunch feel extra special ( or maybe it’s that champagne in the mimosas ), none the less we’ve pulled together a little brunch set up that takes just a few minutes to put together.

Brunch Set Up For Mother’s Day


  • Start by hanging a pretty garland behind your spread. We used our sweetheart garland because the pinks and golds are just divine.


  • Next dress up a bakery danish ring by placing it on your ‘nice’ cake pedestal and then piling berries in the middle. The extra pop of color is healthy for you too! Or make these parfaits.


  • Using more berries pre-garnish swizzle sticks and place them in champagne flutes


  • Instead of the traditional OJ for your mimosa bar try juices like, grapefruit, pomegranate, pear, pinnaple, mango. Okay, you get the point the juice options are pretty much bottomless.


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