A Store Bought Cake Dressed Up 3 Ways.



If there’s one thing we realize around here, it’s that we are all in a hurry. Sometimes that’s a good things and sometimes it’s not, but we’re not here for therapy, right!?! Have you ever volunteered to host a baby shower, birthday party, book club meeting ( insert any kind of gathering that requires food, drinks and fun!?! ) and realized two days before the scheduled event that you needed to get your stuff together? Yeah, neither have we ( ha! ).

For any of those gatherings mentioned above, a cake is quite necessary. If you ever find yourself in a pinch and really want something that a. looks really pretty and b. tastes really pretty, we’ve got a solution. Buy a plain white cake from the bakery and spend 10 minutes dressing it up! Below you see 3 ideas that will only take you about 10 minutes start to finish and you’ll have a pretty little cake to serve. And while we’ve got you; when it comes to parties, we always follow the 50 / 50 rule. The 50 / 50 rule means that for any shin dig you’re hosting you make 50% of what’s going down and then you buy 50% of what’s going down. This will keep you sane, and give you enough time to curl your hair or put on some lipstick before guests arrive.


A Store Bought Cake Dressed Up 3 Ways.

Candy: Yes! A simple bag of color coordinated candy will do the trick fro dress up the cake. We chose twirlers because of their punchy read hues, but you could use anything. Kit Kats, Twix, Taffy, Rock Sugar, Skittles, etc.


Cookies: Yep, sweets on sweets! We picked up some pocky sticks which have a great flavor the the most gorgeous ballerina hue. Things like ginger snaps, jam filled cookies, waffers, miniature cookies. The possibilities here are endless!


Florals: Make sure you grab edible flowers ( no mixing of food and inedible plants here! ), tape their stems to tooth picks and then arrange them in a visually appealing flow.

TwizlersPockySticksFloralsThe-Flair-Exchange-0009photo by: Amalie Orrange 


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