A Summer Bucket List Your Gal Pals Will Love

Summer Bucket List

As of this past weekend, it’s officially summer ( it’s felt like summer for months in FL! ) – – which got me thinking about past summers and how fun they’ve been. I’ll be the first to admit that last summer I spent way too many weekends ( read: every weekend ) working and didn’t get out to enjoy the season like I wanted.

Well, this year that is going to change. If you’ve been following our feed on Instagram, you know there have been a ton of changes happening around here recently. We’ve moved into a new space and hired some additional help. Trust me, this has been a long hard decision and one that I dragged my feet on for almost a year. Deep down I know that I can’t do everything on my own, even though I often tell myself I can. Moving into a new space was really the only way I could hire employees, providing the only chance at getting some weekend back. If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you know what I’m talking about! And don’t worry, once we get the space outfitted we’ll share the details on here.

Okay, back to summer! Summer is the best season in my opinion. It’s about lounging with friends, family and being carefree ( something that is tougher to embrace year after year ). I set out to create a fun summer bucket list that fully embraced summer. Bonus!  The Bucket list is also a printable postcard. I decided to make it as a postcard, because I’m sure you have a gal pal who lives far away and one you desperately wish you could knock out this bucket list with. Simply print out this post card, write her a sweet note and drop it in the mail. Keep one for yourself and make the summer on you’ll never forget!

We’ve partnered with Black Box Wines to bring you this bucket list, because they know how to party! I usually stray away from boxed wines ( because they are notorious for being of lesser quality ), but I was so excited to hear that Black Box Wines have ratings comparable to some of my go to bottles and you can take their wines anywhere because 1. they aren’t made of glass 2. they don’t require a bottle opener.

A Summer Bucket List Your Gal Pals Will Love



Card Stock

Printable Files ( Front and Back )




Print your bucket list and postcard layout on once sheet of card stock. ( you’ll want to print each file on opposite sides of your card stock so that the finished product is double sided ).

Usisng scissors follow the gray guide and cut out the post cards.

Write a sweet note, address the card, place postage on it and stick it in the mail.







So, I want to know — what would be on your summer bucket list? How would you spend your summer with your best gal pals while enjoying the convenience of Black Box Wines?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Black Box Wines. The opinions and text are all mine.

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