Apple Candle Holder DIY

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I love absolutely everything about apples! Apple picking, making apple pies, my grandma’s homemade apple sauce. I also love decorating with apples. When it comes to decorating my home, I prefer crisp white walls and furniture, and getting my pops of color from the design elements I change out throughout the seasons and holidays. The pop of red from the apples is so bold!

Apple Candle Holder DIY

Apple Candlestick Holder DIY Supplies | The Flair Exchange


2 apples

2 candle sticks (can also be done with votives)

1 knife

Apple Candle Holder DIY | The Flair Exchange

Step One: Cut a small circle around the core of your apple. With your knife, cut straight down into the apple while cutting the circle.

Step Two: Make two diagonal cuts across the circle. This will make it easier to take the circle out of the apple.

Step Three: Using a small spoon, scoop out the circular portion of the apple.

Step Four: Place candle inside the apple. It should be a snug fit. If the candle does not fit inside, scoop out a little more of the apple until it does.

Apple Candlestick Holder DIY 2 | The Flair Exchange

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