Balloon Wand DIY // St. Patrick’s Day Style



Does anyone actually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? And I mean other than an excuse to down a pint of Guinness? None the less, it’s a great opportunity for us to get a little crafty for the impending holiday.

Which leads me to my next question: have you seen many of these miniature balloon wands floating around the internet? They’re really cute and they usually make up the sum of a birthday and have tassels & gorgeous ribbon embellishments; i.e. your best gal pal is turning 30, so she’d wave around these miniature balloon wands proclaiming that she was celebrating the end of her life, errrr I mean the accomplishment of aging so gracefully. OR your niece is turning 21, so she’d wave two balloon wands (2+1) around at the bar as she experienced her first drink, well first legal drink. OR it’d be the number 1 and a single balloon wand celebrating the 1st birthday of some special little munchkin.

Anyways, these are not that. These balloon wands are in the shape of a shamrock, because we’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day after all! So, let’s get to crafting!

Balloon Wand DIY


Tassel Garland Kit, Gold Twine, Scissors, Mini Heart Balloons, Balloon Sticks & cups, glitter tape


Step 1: Inflate 3 green, heart shaped balloons

Step 2: Insert balloon stick into cup tightly

Step 3: Being inserting balloons starting on the two sides of the cup. There are 2 slits and 1 hole for attaching the balloons. It’s easiest if you do the top / center slit last!

Step 4: Continue adding balloons until all three have been secured.

Step 5: Attach to tassels with metallic string and trim them to your liking.



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