Black & Glittery Geometric Garland DIY

Geometric Garland DIY

With holiday parties in full swing, I knew you’d enjoy a little decor DIY. This garland takes a little more time than most of my tutorials, but the result is SO worth it! This garland could be used for a classy black tie Christmas party or  NYE shindig. It can also be made in a variety of colored card stock to accommodate your event color palette and needs.

Geometric Garland DIY

Step 1 : Gather supplies. Cardstock, scoring tool, round hole punch & glue gun.

Step 2 : Punch enough rounds for the size garland you are making. It’ll take 6 round to create each geometric piece.

Step 3: Using your scoring tool, score a line 1/4 of an inch in. It’s easiest to place your circle in the corner to ensure a straight & consistent line.

Step 4: Score each side of the round in the same manner. You’ll end up with 4 lines.

Step 5: Using a glue gun, adhere the folds so that you create a a box shape. You’ll use 6 rounds.

Step 6: Add glitter, hole punch & thread on ribbon or twine.



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Geometric Garland DIY

Geometric Garland DIY

Geometric Garland DIY


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