Budget Friendly Wine Selections For Valentine’s Day


Yesterday we shared a super cute printable for those of you that wish to host a little wine tasting night with friends on Valentine’s day and today we’re talking about the wine!

These wines are budget friendly and can be enjoyed between just you and your sweetheart on Valentine’s if that is more of your style. We aren’t going into many details about these wines because that’s no fun! We want you to try something new and experience it with someone you love – then report back to us and we can chat more about it!

Wine Selections For Valentine’s Day

– Oyster Bay Chardonnay, 2012 – $12.99

This Chardonnay comes from New Zealand and likely a Chardonnay you haven’t tried before. I’ll also make note that this white is fruity, so if you’re someone that prefers a fruitier wine – this one’s for you!


– River Road Chardonnay Reserve, 2012 – $15.99

This Chardonnay is from California, more specifically the Russian River Valley ( one of my favorite US locations for Chardonnays ). This wine falls closer to a more typical Chardonnay & is a tad oakier. If you like the buttery whites, this is a must try!


– Coastline Cabernet, 2012 $10.99

This red wine comes from California, specifically Paso Robles ( which is south of Napa & Sonoma if you were curious ). This Cabernet is the fruitier of the two reds, if you prefer a lush red wine – this one is the bottle to grab and at that price it’s a steal!


– Michel Gassier Cabernet, 2010 – $14.99

This red wine comes from France, more specifically a southern part of France. This Cabernet is a drier wine and one that the oak lovers will find especially enjoyable. This was my personal favorite out of the four wines we are recommending.









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