Cherry Blossoms and Confetti Balloons Spring Party

This Cherry Blossoms and Confetti Balloons Spring Party Idea sprouted (haha! get it? things sprout in the spring…) from a beautiful handmade paper we found at World Market.

This was my maiden voyage to the wonders of World Market and I was so inspired by all of the different patterns, colors, textures available. Unfortunately we live in small town USA and the nearest store is an hour and twenty minutes away. We don’t go often. It is for this reason I promptly purchased the beautiful handmade paper with lovely gold and pink cherry blossoms all over it, and took it home for safe keeping until we were ready to display it. Many months past, and we gathered an item or two here and there on various outings, until one day, spring had finally arrived and we were ready to put together our party idea, complete with cherry blossoms and confetti balloons!

Cherry Blossoms and Confetti Balloons

 Cherry Blossoms and Confetti Balloons Spring Party

Here is a list of everything we used, where it came from and how much it cost:

  • Confetti Filled Balloons – The Flair Exchange  (coming soon)
  • Bamboo Place Mats – Dollar Tree ($1 each, holla for the dolla!)
  • Glass Stands with Cloches – We had these from two years ago – originally from Belk on sale. ($40 for a set of three)
  • Glass Pudding Cups – Already owned – Wal-mart ($2 each)
  • Tea Chest – A gift, I drank all the tea and kept the chest because it was neat. (Not a pack-rat, I swear.)
  • Bamboo Steamer – Easily purchased at most retailers for about ($12.) Ours was borrowed from Jason’s mom.
  • Tall Glass Vases – We found these at Wal-mart ($3 each)
  • Handmade Paper – World Market ($3)
  • Ribbon – Dollar Tree ($1 per roll)
  • Straws – IKEA ($3 for a pack of 150)
  • Silk Cherry Blossoms (pictured with the tea chest) – Jo-Anne Fabrics ($3)
  • Real Cherry Blossoms (pictured on the table and in vases) – Permanently borrowed from trees around town.
  • Asian Foods – International Food Market – ($40) Ramune Soda, Mochi, Japanese Snack Mix, Cherry Wafers, Giant Tapioca, Black Sesame Seed Candy, Gummy Candies

Cherry Blossoms and Confetti Balloons

Our Cherry Blossoms and Confetti Balloons Spring Party is a very simple layout and not at all time consuming, perfect for last minute gatherings, bridal showers or baby showers, or a first birthday party for little girls. We used our bamboo place mats as a pseudo table runner, spreading three of them in a row across the back of the table. We then placed two of the bamboo steamer baskets upside down onto the table to use as risers for items that would be placed in the back. The confetti filled balloons from The Flair Exchange provided a great unobtrusive backdrop, letting in lots of light and whimsy in front of our windowed wall. We attached these to the underside of the glass tabletop (which just happens to be our dining room table) using fishing line and clear tape, and tied on inexpensive ribbons to complete the soft and feminine look. We lined up three tall glass vases across the center back of the table and filled them with our cherry blossom branches. Using the glass stands, cloches and bowls we added in our sweet treats. Then we scattered about some of the remaining cherry blossom branches and blossoms to fill in empty areas on the table. We chose to decorate with small details using the handmade paper that inspired us initially, cutting out straw flags, wraps, liners and party circles to use throughout our display.

Cherry Blossom Gift Wrap

Note: Wrapping paper can serve as an excellent way to be inspired and cut costs on decorating. You can use it as a table runner, backdrop or to cut out small details to us on your tabletop. A $3  roll of the paper we used was more than enough for what we needed. If you want to use it as a runner or backdrop, we recommend buying two rolls.

This party was designed by Heather + Jason of Hello My Sweet, stop by and visit us sometime!

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