Classic Gin Fizz Recipe


Did your year start out flawlessly, or are you left wishing for a do-over? The Chinese New Year falls several weeks after the start of our calendar year, so you get a chance to start fresh. I’d by lying if I told you I knew anything about Chinese culture, but I do know the new year means party-time in every language and the Chinese sure know how to party ( have you seen the dragon costumes they dance around in! ).  So, in honor of the New Year, we’re showing you how to mix up a cocktail and garnish it with a little Chinese wisdom. The embellishment is optional, but if you’re hosting a Chinese New Year party — it’s a a great conversation starter.

Classic Gin Fizz Recipe


Gin, Egg White, Lime Juice, Super Fine Sugar and Soda Water


In a shaker combine 1.5 oz gin, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1 tablspoon egg white and 2 tablespoons super fine sugar.

Shake vigorously, for at least 2 minutes. Your arms will feel like tiny T-Rex arms, but it’s so worth it! The egg white turns into creamy froth; but only after shaking it for 2 minutes. Add ice and shake until chilled.

Fill high ball glass 1/4 with soda water and top with shaken mixture.

Using a stencil and dusting glitter embellish the beverage with Chinese symbols. Our symbol here means ‘ Strength’. We used our silhouette to trim out the shape, but regular stencils will work too!


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