Confetti Cut Out Valentine’s Day Card

We’re big fans of confetti, but you already knew that didn’t you!?! We’re always looking for new ways to incorporate confetti into everyday life. Some people love confetti and others hate it! So this slow dance goes out to our fan gals that can’t stand loose confetti hanging around for years to come.

This confetti cut out valentine’s day card is also great for kiddos that have food allergies and need something other than candy in their v-day treat bag!

Confetti Filled Cut Out Valentine's Day Card

Confetti Cut Out Valentine’s Day Card


Solid colored card stock trimmed, scored and folded into a 4 x 6 card


Clear Cellophane Bags

Hot Glue Gun

Card Stock Scraps



Instructions : 

  1. Using scrap yardstick create a heart shape for tracing purposes.
  2. Trace heart shape on front flap of card.
  3. Using scissors cut out hard shape from front flap of the card.
  4. Fill Cellophane Bag with confetti.
  5. Secure confetti filled bag to inside of card using hot glue gun.
  6. Seal cellophane bag shut.
  7. Sign, seal, address and mail.

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