DIY Burlap & Ric-Rac Bag

Yesterday officially marked the first day of fall and we’re not wasting any time around here! During the next few months we’ll end spend a lot of time meeting up with friends & family. People will gather out our homes and we’ll visit theirs. It’s advisable to have something sweet to offer your guests and accommodating hosts and hostesses – a favor of sorts. Instead of purchasing a paper bag to gift with, try making your own! This simple burlap drawstring bag can be made in a variety of sizes to accommodate various sized gifts. We choose to fill ours with a pumpkin – white chocolate popcorn ( recipe will be up next ), but you can fill yours with anything you know your guests will enjoy!

Ric-Rac Bag

DIY Burlap & Ric-Rac Bag

Step 1: Gather Supplies : Burlap roll – I found mine in the floral section, jute twine, fabric glue & hot glue gun

Step 2: Cut a piece of burlap roll to 16 inches in length.

Step 3. Cut a 24 inch piece of jute twine and create a flap around the twine on one end of the burlap piece, using your hot glue gun.

Step 4: Create flap on the opposite end using your hot glue gun.

Step 5: Complete the pouch of your bag, create a side seam using your hot glue gun.

Step 6: Using glue gun create a seam on the opposite side of bag.

Step 7: Add Ric-Rac trim using fabric glue.

Step 8: Tie ends of jute twine together creating the drawstring.




step7 [/one_half]

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Ric-Rac Bag

Ric-Rac Bag


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