DIY Cigar Bar – Chocolate Pretzel Style

DIY Cigar Bar

Hi, my name is Natalie. I am so excited to be joining The Flair Exchange as a new contributor. I love entertaining and write about how to add sweet touches to any celebration on my blog Confetti Diaries. I’m so excited to be sharing this unique dessert bar idea with you today. It’s a DIY Cigar Bar that transforms a classic dessert – the chocolate covered pretzel – into a sweet treat that your guests can personalize themselves.

This fun dessert is the perfect addition to any little man themed celebration. It would also be a delicious treat at an engagement party, dinner with friends or even a wedding dessert table.

You Will Need:

A variety of sweet toppings

Pretzel Rods

Chocolate melts – milk, dark and white chocolate (one or a mix of all three)

Butter warmers or small chocolate fondue dishes

Wooden spoons

DIY Cigar Bar

1. Organize your pretzel bar toppings in small bowls or serving dishes. Some suggested toppings include chocolate chips, M + Ms, crushed Oreos, crushed graham crackers, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, peanut butter chips, crushed candy bars, sea salt and a variety chocolate drizzles.

2. Heat your chocolate melts using a microwave or double boiler. If using a microwave, heat in segments to prevent scorching the chocolate. Stir the chocolate as you melt it to keep an even consistency. Once melted, add a few drops of vegetable oil to temper the chocolate. This will make it less likely to clump when guests go to dip their pretzels.

3. Set up your chocolate covered pretzel bar.

DIY Cigar Bar

Line up your toppings and add small spoons for easy serving.

DIY Cigar Bar

Place your pretzel rods in a lined basket or bowl.

DIY Cigar Bar

Add your chocolate to your butter warmer dishes and place over a lit candle.

DIY Cigar Bar

4. Dip a pretzel with chocolate. Use a spoon to get even coverage. Add desired toppings to decorate.

DIY Cigar Bar

Enjoy immediately or let the chocolate harden for a delicious candy like crunch.

Additional Tips:

A Variety of Toppings – Choose a wide selection of toppings that you think your guests will enjoy. Although nuts might seem like a great idea, consider if any of your guests might have a food allergy before serving.

Make a Sample – Show guests how to make the pretzel or leave some tasty samples out. I found the idea of a DIY Cigar Bar a bit abstract for some guests. Make a few pretzels ahead of time to show guests what to do or embark a special guest (or two) to walk others through how to make them. This is a great job for any kids attending your party.

Extra Spoons – Have a supply of extra spoons on hand in case a few go missing. It’s easy for spoons to get mixed up or end up in the wrong chocolate. You’d hate for guests to be looking for a spoon mid-chocolate dipping.

Set Up the Chocolate Last – Keeping your chocolate from burning can be difficult. Prepare your chocolate right before guests arrive. Stir often to prevent burning on the bottom of the warming dish. As you notice the chocolate running out, replenish with a freshly melted supply.


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