DIY Crepe Paper Floral Bouquet

CrepePaperWrappedBouquetIt’s true, flowers instantly brighten anyone’s day.  Another thing that is true, is that we firmly believe that no-one should ever show up to a party empty handed ( my husband finds this humorous or slightly inconvenient ). But here’s how I see it; if someone welcomes you into their home, provides food, beverages and possibly some form of entertainment the least you can do is show up with a bite, a bottle of wine or something pretty like freshly cut flowers.

What is your go-to hostess gift? I’ve been grabbing market bouquets from Trader Joe’s more and more, because they are SO cheap. And when I say cheap, I mean it in an incredibly endearing way. But, the plastic wrapping isn’t the prettiest and sometimes tacky! With a simple crepe paper wrap and a pretty ribbon you can transform store bought flowers into the perfect gift! Follow the quick steps below to create your own crepe wrapped floral bouquet.

DIY Crepe Paper Floral Bouquet


Market Florals, paper towels, 24″ x  24″ square of crepe paper, ribbon


1. Trim floral stems to remove excess length and make them vase ready.

2. Wrap stems with slightly dampened paper towel.

3. Place florals on crepe paper square so that the florals are centered and extend between 2 corners.

4. Wrap right corner around floral stems.

5. Wrap left corner around and secure by tying ribbon tightly and securing with a bow.


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