DIY Football Field Table Cover

A DIY Football Field Table Cover to impress your Super Bowl party guests!

Are you ready for some football? Today we are going to show you how to make your own DIY Football Field Table Cover. The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and of course along with it copious amounts of snack food, beverage and people gathering together to watch. What better way to set up your party than to convert your table into a football field? I mean really, how cool would that be? Your friends will think you are pure genius.

(See the pictorial then read below it for the how to.)

Super Bowl party decorations

Materials Needed:

  • Artificial Turf Rug (6×9′)
  • Heavy-duty scissors (to trim the sides of the rug)
  • Antique White spray paint (or paint brush and craft paint)
  • Dark Green spray paint (or paint brush and craft paint)
  • Staple gun
  • Number stencil
  • Roll of masking tape
  • Foam core or cardboard (for the lines on the field)
  • Poster board or cardboard
  • Utility knife
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape

Step One: 

Unroll the outdoor rug and lay it upside down on the floor. Place the folding table, unfolded and legs locked into position, top side down onto the underneath side of the rug.  (Fig.1)  Trim off about 1 foot from either side of the 6 foot side of the rug.  (Fig.2)  Tightly fold up the edges of the rug and staple (with the staple gun) them to the underside of the table. (Fig.3) With that done all you need to do is to flip the table right side up. (Fig.4) You now have “blank” football field to work with!

Step Two: 

Mark out where your lines will go down. (Fig.5)  We have measured this out for you. With a measurement of 72” long for the table, you can place 9 (7”) sections in the center of the field, and 2 (4.5”) section at either end for the “End-Zones.” You may find it easiest to mark the center of the field first and work your way out on either side. (Measuring 3.5”inches to the left and right of center first, then 7” sections on either side afterwards.) Tape down the end zone and yardage lines with the masking tape.This will serve as your guide to paint.

Step Three:

Using the dark green paint, paint every other 7” strip in the field, starting with the left side and working your way right. (Fig.6) You should end up with 5 dark stripes. You can use craft paint for this (easier to control) or make yourself a stencil that masks off the area you do not want painted so that you can use spray paint. We used spray paint, but if we were to do it again, I would opt for a paintbrush and paint instead, much less room for error! Let this dry before moving onto your next step.

Step Four:

Take the foam core and cut out a line stencil, the same width of the masking tape. You will use this stencil as a guide to paint your white border lines. (Fig. 7) When I was ready to paint a section of line, I would line up the stencil with my masking tape and pull off the tape up through the stencil hole right before painting. Alternatively, you can use a paintbrush and craft paint for this as well, again much more control and less room for painting errors! Let this dry before moving onto your next step.

Step Five: 

Time for yardage! Taking the numbers stencil, I cut out the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 0.  Take some scrap poster board or cardboard and cut out a border to expand the edges of your stencil and protect from paint over spray. This extra border is not necessary if you plan to paint with a brush instead of spray paint. Making sure to pay attention the direction of the field you are painting on, and using the field diagram picture as a guide, spray down the numbers onto the field.  Let those dry, then stand back and admire the handiwork or your very own DIY Football Field Table!

We hope your party is a huge success! Visit us at Hello My Sweet for more DIY ideas and recipes for your Super Bowl party.


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