DIY Paper Straw and Cupcake Topper Embellishment Ideas


Hi Guys, it’s Thuy from My Paper Pinwheel and today I am sharing with you some easy ideas to add a little extra cute factor to items you probably already have on hand. Trust me, these tips may come in handy when those unexpected guest show up at your doorstep.


If you are into entertaining,  I am sure you have a stash of pretty paper straws waiting to make an appearance. A fun way to embellish your paper straws is with washi paper or I used glitter tape. Washi and glitter tape can most likely be found at your local craft store. I simply cut a strip of my tape and fold it over my straws. I then use a plain pair of scissors and trim the end. It’s a very simple thing to do that can add a little extra cuteness to your straws. The same goes with your everyday food picks. They can easily be turned into fun cupcake toppers by simply adding washi or glitter tape and now they coordinate with your party straws too!


Now if all else fails and you can’t find a single roll of tape to embellish your paper straws or make cupcake toppers, try using some of these cupcake liners you have stored in your pantry. I often run into times where I only have a few of the same design and I never know what to do with them so I hang on to them and cut them into a flag to create fun toppers. It is super easy and takes no time as all, just let your creativity do it’s thing!


Cupcake Topper Embellishment Ideas

Cupcake Topper Embellishment Ideas

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