Entertaining Essentials with Carmen Rogge

Entertaining Essentials

You know it’s all about the party and we want to share some of our party secrets & tips to make your intimate gatherings fun and enjoyable. After all, you’ve invited people over to enjoy their company! To start this series off, it’s Carmen here sharing my must haves.

1. Flowers – A fresh bouquet of flowers is the easiest and freshest piece of decor you can add to your home. We like big blooms – Peonies, Garden roses & Ranunculus. If you’re looking for a floral delivery service, try The Bouqs!

2. Prosseco – I always keep a few bottles of sparkling wine on hand. Don’t cheap out on the booze.  Be modest and get something quality, but budget friendly.

3. Hummus – Serving hummus is great because it’s dietary friendly, in comparison to other dips. I know I can serve this up as a crudité and guests won’t regret their food choices. Our favorite is the Supremely Spicy variety, by Sabra.

4. Linens – In our house we keep the paper towel consumption really low, mostly for environmental reasons. So, if you’re ever over for dinner you’ll get a cloth linen and know we’re not trying to be fancy ( but kinda ). You can find these anywhere, but we love the selection from Crate and Barrel along with sewing our own.

5. Spotify – A really good playlist goes a long way! Spend a little bit of time prior to guests arrival and create a killer playlist. Spotify is a great resource! Plus TFE has an account, so you can check out what we’re listening to.

6.  Vintage Glassware – I’m not sure if it’s just me, or what – but vintage glassware has so much more character than new glassware. I have a serious weakness for glassware. Etsy & local vintage shops always have a great selection.

7. Cards Against Humanity – Okay, so this game might be a little too risqué for some folks ( but we love it! ). Nonetheless, have a fun interactive game on hand for guests to play.


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