Entertaining Essentials With Jessica Flannigan

Entertaining Essentials

One of the most pleasurable things about being an e-commerce website and spending most of our days on the internet is that we get to ‘meet’ some really talented ladies and Jessica is just that! Jessica is the editor of several blogs — where she shares her love for entertaining, making memories with her family and fashion for little gentlemen. We love all of Jessica’s party picks, especially the pure white appetizer plates and Svalka wine glasses, both items you can never have enough of when you’re entertaining guests. Without further ado, here are Jessica’s essentials.


1. Capri Blue Volcano Candles – This candle instantly freshens up our home and provides a really welcoming lovely scent. I love having these all over our home in the winter and in a large glass hurricane filled with sand in the spring and summer as a centerpiece or on the buffet. 


2. White steel beverage tub from Target – I now own three of these white beverage tubs. Since we entertain with children, I love to keep beer in one, La Croix Sparkling Water in one and kids beverages in another. I’ve learned that white is the way to go for me. It brightens up any room and goes with almost any color palette for a party or gathering. 


3. White square appetizer plates – The white square appetizer plates from Crate and Barrel are not only very well-priced, but they are the perfect size for dessert and apps. And do you see a theme here? I always choose white. My motto for home decor and parties is “when in doubt, choose white.” I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it does for us. We registered for these for our wedding five years ago and quickly bought a second set once we realized just how perfect they are. 


4.Sparkling wine – I’ve been a lover of sparkling wine for some time. I splurge on true champagne from time to time, but often find that a nice glass of Prosecco is just perfection on a hot summer night. My friends and family always expect that I’ll have a bottle of sparkling wine ready to be popped open even for casual gatherings. And for our annual holiday party with 100 plus guests, I just buy the $4.99 bottles of Prosecco from Trader Joe’s. It’s surprisingly delicious and at a price point that anyone can pull off.


5. White vases – I love white vases for quickly throwing together entertaining decorations. I simply snip some hydrangeas from our front yard or pick up a bouquet of peonies or ranunculus from our local market. This textured vase is gorgeous! I also own a pretty milk jug style vase that is super large and does well with oversized blooms. 


6. Ikea Svalka red and white wine glasses – We own some lovely crystal wine glasses and some other higher end ones that we pull out for special occassions or when it’s just the two of us home for the night. My favorite wine glasses for entertaining are these budget-friendly Svalka red and white wine glasses from Ikea. I am able to serve nearly 60 people at our holiday party with these glasses and if one breaks, it’s not a problem. We even use them for water at dinner parties.

7. Pandora – We are a big music family and an even bigger “dance party” family. Our son loves a good dance-off in the kitchen while we cook dinner. We try to bring that same fun to entertaining with or without children. Our “Children’s Folk Songs” station and Bob Marley stations get a lot of play lately. 




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