Felt Heart Initial Treat Sacks DIY



Valentine’s Day is probably most of my most favorite holiday due to all the fun decorations and all I especially love creating fun treats to pass out to friends and family. One of my favorite things to use is felt! I love the texture and all the fun colors they come in. I wanted a easy way to dress up my muslin bags to use as treat sacks  and I came up with a easy tutorial on how to create a fun Felt Heart Initial Treat Sack.



Felt Heart Initial Treat Sacks DIY


Plain muslin bags

Felt Sheets

Hot Glue Gun

Scissors for free hand cutting


I first started by cutting my felt into smaller squares so I could fold them in half to create my hearts. After all my hearts were cut out, I then took some of the remainder felt and cut out various initials. If you don’t feel comfortable to free hand your letters, you could easily trace your letters onto your felt with a fine tip marker and cut them out that way. Once all your hearts and initials are cut out, you simply hot glue them on to your sack and start filling them up some yummy treats!


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