Flair Finds : Susty Party


Flair Finds : Susty Party

It’s been a while since we’ve written a ‘Flair Finds’ column, but we’re bringing it back! While we offer a lot of products that suffice the party needs, there are some things we don’t offer and don’t really plan on ever expanding to do so. When it comes to party-ware and serve ware we’re huge proponents of using what you have vs disposable wares and there are a few reasons for that.

1. We hate the thought of spending our dough on plates that are just going to be used once.

2. The thought of throwing stuff in the rubbish bin is a huge party foul.

3. We think glass, ceramic and pottery just look better!

With that being said, we are huge fans of Susty Party and here’s why; their products are compostable and they look really good. We were first introduced to Susty Party during an episode of Shark Tank ( seriously! ), but have loved their products & philosophy ever since. They’ve taken the ‘ol paper plate and transformed it into a piece that both is aesthetically pleasing and not so harsh on the environment. So please put those styrofoam and plastic plates back on the shelf and give Susty Party a try.


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